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Replay:  The Surprising BILLION Dollar Niche

How an odd mix of beginners make up to $6,487/day (even in lockdown)

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Workshop Timestamp

  • 0:18 Introducing MY Mentors (Rob & Gerry)… 2 ordinary guys who have helped me to make over 7 figures online!
  • 0:54 Some of their students are making 5, 6 and 7 figures per month
  • 1:05 Incredibly this system is working even BETTER since the first lockdown began.
  • 1:37: What Gerry & Rob will teach you is the system that have changed my life forever!
  • 2:39: How to make up to $10,937 per day, EVEN IF a lockdown occurs (And YES of course this works outside of lockdown too)
  • 3:17: See how newbies have succeeded, like Nick who was able to quit his job and made $377k during lockdown
  • 3:52: Ernesto was fired from his job, felt like a complete failure to his family, but he made $466k+ in 2020.
  • 4:54: Angelo found himself burnt out and lacking direction, he made $41k in a week.
  • 5:19: Derek fought through self doubt, to bring in over 168k in 2020, and is on track to hit 10k per DAY shortly
  • 10:20 Why now is the best time in the history of the internet to get started with this method
  • 10:50: Introducing Gerry Cramer
  • 11:12 How Gerry and Rob discovered this HUGE Business Opportunity
  • 15:39: A letter from the Vice President of ClickBank verifying that Gerry & Rob together with their students have generated over $57 MILLION in sales
  • 19:50: The ONE Niche That's Crushing Everything Else 
  • 22:00: The "Perfect Storm Funnel" that is making people up to $10k per day!
  • 25:01: 3 CRITICAL Keys To Success - Get any of these wrong & the method will NOT work!
  • 27:51: 5 Roadblocks That Separate Small Time Affiliates From Super Affiliates
  • 35:03: On screen demonstration showing you how to scale from $5 to over $10k
  • 47:23: Introducing Healthy Commissions... The EXACT system you need to build this for yourself.
  • 57:02: Exclusive fast mover bonuses.
  • 1:07:32: Inspirational case studies - See how ordinary people have paid off their homes, quit their dayjobs and more, thanks to this incredible system. 
  • 1:13:27: Questions and Answers
  • 1:26:48: Gigi's Inspirational Story: Gerry's first mentor student was a disabled (Cerebral Palsy) young women who became successful doing this ($1k+ per day).

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